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Sviluppo Software

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Andrea Sabbatini - Sviluppo Software was born with the idea of providing a software development solution in contact with the customer, following him and being followed during the development process to a greater extent than the norm.

Our mission is to provide a custom-tailored and efficient service.
Because of this we strive to keep in contact directly with the customer and getting him involved in the softwrae developing process, through frequent interaction and exchange of ideas

 Andrea Sabbatini develops software since the early '90s on Windows and Linux.

Develops mostly by himself the main parts of the software the client requests, improving the software realization process from collaborations and several partners.

Software is generally available in english and italian with translations or request for spanish, french and german, which take place with the collaboration of professional translators.

We are available for customer support in italian, english, german and to a limited extent in spanish and french Among the tools generally used: WinAPI in C, Framework .NET, Server SQL, ASP.NET 2.0, ADO.NET 2,0, librerie GNU, etc.

Among other projects:

  • Doctor's Office - Software gestionale per medici specialisti
  • Immobilio - Applicativo gestionale per agenzie immobiliari
  • Architettore - Applicativo gestionale per studi di architettura
  • Applicativi nell'ambito bancario
  • Applicativi gestionali per bar-pub-ristoranti
  • Applicativi per la gestione della stagione balneare
  • Utilità di archiviazione su grande scala di libri e musica
  • Strutture server/client per scambio dati efficente in scarsità di risorse
  • Shell alternative di windows
  • Utilità di fatturazione
  • Librerie e templates di contenitori ad alta efficenza
  • Librerie per la protezione dati, protezioni anti-pirateria e licensing
  • Librerie di calcolo matematico
  • Librerie per l'elaborazione grafica
  • Programmazione di socket tramite protocolli TCP/IP
  • Componenti dotNET per server SQL (Assembly)
  • File manager su Windows e Linux
  • Instant messaging e plugins
  • Diverse utilità da workstation
  • Web Forms e Web Services in ASP.NET 2, javascript, DOM DHTML, etc

(C) Andrea Sabbatini - Sviluppo Software 2006-2021 - P.IVA: 02187020413 - C.F.: SBBNDR75R19G479P
Strada Madonna degli Angeli, 109/C - 61032 Fano (PU)